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New Jersey Association of REALTORS® (NJAR®)

The New Jersey Association of REALTORS® (NJAR®) is a leading advocate for private property rights and the real estate industry in New Jersey. NJAR® is comprised of more than 55,000 members who provide a strong, unified voice on important issues that impact the ability to obtain homeownership and the rights of property owners in New Jersey.


NJAR® takes an active role on issues affecting the real estate industry on a state and local level. Through its strong presence in Trenton, NJAR® consistently advocates state issues to prevent burdensome regulations and to make sure legislation reflects the best interests of all property owners.


With 24 local boards/associations throughout New Jersey, REALTORS® also serve as a watchdog for local issues that affect residents in the communities in which they live and work. When necessary, REALTORS® have access to an Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC) to help residents voice their support or opposition about their rights to political leaders in their neighborhoods. Through their membership dues, REALTORS® provide funding necessary to make IMPAC possible.


Following are some ways REALTORS® have been successful to help protect your rights as a property owner in New Jersey :




School Bus Stop Ordinance

REALTORS®, with the help of the public, were able to stop an ordinance that would require every seller of a home within a municipality to present a prospective purchaser with the location of the nearest school bus stop, or face jail time.


Certificate of Occupancy Ordinance

Local REALTORS® prevented an onerous increase in certificate of occupancy fees, and

alterations/renovations permit fees that would have increased the cost of purchasing a home.   


Rental Property Registration Ordinance

With a unified voice from REALTORS® from three counties, we were able to stop an ordinance that would have required owners of seasonal rental units to submit a list of all renter occupants who stay in the unit overnight.


Sign Ordinances

REALTORS® have been able to successfully negotiate terms and conditions that allow REALTORS® and homeowners to display important signs for marketing a property.




Realty Transfer Fee

Over the years, REALTORS® have been able to help limit realty transfer fee increases, which would create additional costs to purchasing a home. NJAR® continues to monitor these fees and REALTORS® stand ready to fight should another increase be proposed.


Eminent Domain

NJAR® continuously works to help protect the rights of private property owners, and defend against eminent domain abuse. NJAR® is currently working with legislators to help make sure these rights are properly reflected in three key eminent domain bills pending before the Legislature.  


Underground Storage Tanks

REALTORS® helped promote legislation that provides grants and loans to home and business owners for underground storage tank upgrading and removal. The legislation was signed by Governor Jon S. Corzine on August 2, 2006.



To effectively fight these and other issues, stay active in your local community and let your local REALTORS® know when an issue is affecting your private property rights! For more information, please contact your local board/association or NJAR® Local Government Affairs Coordinator Douglas Tomson at or (732) 494-5616.



New Jersey Association of REALTORS®

Government Affairs



295 Pierson Avenue

Edison , NJ 08837


P.O. Box 2098

Edison , NJ 08818


(732) 494-5616


New Jersey Association of REALTORS® (NJAR®)