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Benefits of Using NJMLS


As new listings are added or price changes are made, you'll see that information updated within minutes on, giving you the most up-to-date listing details on a property. You can't find information more current than that on any other site. Information on nearby sold listings is available within days of closing, weeks before this information is available through public records.


More listings per square mile than other sources. We work directly with thousands of local real estate agents to bring you a more complete inventory of listings for Northern New Jersey than you will find elsewhere. And we've been doing it the longest! Founded in 1977, the NJMLS has been the resource local real estate agents have relied on for over 30 years to list and sell New Jersey homes.


Whether you know where you want to live or you're looking for guidance on choosing a town, provides you with comprehensive details on properties for sale including current property taxes and nearby sold listings, community information including town demographics and amenities, school information including NJ School Report Cards, open houses, realtor profiles, and more.


No middleman. No third parties. No distracting advertising. Just thousands of listings published directly from the realtor members of the NJMLS, members who do business in towns all over New Jersey (and sometimes elsewhere) allowing us to provide you with exactly what you came to our site for --- listings. You'll get real listings presented by the actual Realtors who are working with the home sellers. You won't find compiled or duplicate listings on our site as you would on many third party sites.