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Leased for $ 3,440.00 - 1636 Parker Avenue, Unit 3FL, Fort Lee NJ

  • Leased 1/8/18
  • Property Highlights
MLS#: 1733359
Town: Fort Lee
Address: 1636 Parker Avenue, Unit 3FL

Last List Price: $ 3,980.00

List Date: 08/15/2017
Category: Commercial

Taxes: $41,811
Lease Details

Final Lease Price: $3,440

Leased Date: 01/08/18

Days on Market: 147

Listing Agent: Jin Park, (201) 328-5555

Listing Office: Eastern Realty, Inc.,(201) 346-0200

Leasing Agent: Omar Sharif

Leasing Office: Modern Realty Group,(201) 933-3366

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