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Joyce Albert, Sales Associate

Agent Information

Phone: (201) 788-7430

Office Information

Terrie O'Connor Realtors-Ridgewood

76 W. Ridgewood Ave.

Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Phone: (201) 445-4554

Fax: (201) 444-2123


Joyce, a licensed realtor for 17 years and is a consistent million dollar club producer. She is a member of Real Source Board of Realtors and Garden State MLS and the National Association
of Realtors.
Joyce offers her personalized approach in delivering the best in customer service and sales. With her honesty and skill in negotiating on your behalf, she will assist you in all of your real estate needs whether it be listing your home or buying a home.
Joyce and her husband John are lifelong Ridgewood residents. While raising their family in town, they became very active in school, church, sport and scouting organizations. Their grandchildren are now the 6th generation in town.
Joyce prides herself  as a ture neighborhood specialist and is thrilled to part to The Ridgewood Group.

For any Real Estate needs call my direct line (201) 788-7430. 100% Service- Commitment- Knowledge-Skills.